SKIN - Advanced SiO2 Ceramic Quick Detailer - Wax and Sealant
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SKIN is the last Detailer you will ever need. It has been developed with an extremely unique formula that incorporates Si02 Ceramic Properties.

The silky wax based formula containing a huge 11% SiO2 will give outstanding shine and gloss to the surface. SiO2 will massively increase the durability of that shine and change the way water behaves across the surface of your panels.

The unique Ceramic formula acts like a SKIN, protecting your paintwork, glass, plastic and vinyl from the elements, road grime and other harmful contaminants.

SKIN will also offer a reduction in frequency of cleaning.

Unlike other Ceramic formulas, SKIN requires no cure time. Simply use like a Quick Detailer.

Product Condition: New
Brand: VP
Product Code: 5064565225448



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Love it
I got this to use in between my usual waxing routine. I love using it, spray, wipe and buff off. Gives good shine and beading afterwards, smells nice as well. Better than Poorboys QD, not quite as good as autoglym quick detailer, but we'll worth having. Yet to test how long it lasts, but I'm sure it'll out perform the autoglym stuff which will make this a better buy.
Craig Daniels
Simply amazing
Used skin in February after giving my car a good decontamination. Was hoping it would seal and protect. I can say it definitely has. I do heavy mileage and I'm blown away with how much cleaner the car has stayed during that time. The gloss level and shine is like nothing iv used before. Such a good product.
Skin Review
Really easy to use. Fast to apply to the whole of your car. Repels dirt very very well. Just an overall fantastic product. full review here
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