Wash & Rinse Two Bucket Set With Grit Guards Filter System
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Prevent swirl marks with our Two Bucket Wash and Rinse Bucket System Kit

Two Colour coded labels on our 15 litre heavy duty buckets, one for Washing , one for Rinsing , both supplied with Grit Guards which will help prevent swirl marks inflicted during the washing process. This happens when small particles of dirt and debris can get rubbed across the surface of the paintwork.

Whether washing or rinsing, each time you dunk your wash mitt into the bucket , rub it against the grit guard. This will help remove the dirt and leave it safely at the bottom of the bucket.

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Very good product
I'm very impressed with these product great quality with lids too and I also got a free pen my grit guards didn't arrive with my buckets but I emailed and it was sorted really quickly. Thank you would definitely recommend this company and these products
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