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Clive Halsey
Tyres had been losing about 10lbs per week now airtight. Have a cocktail stick handy when applying in case of blockages. Do not buy valve keys and one is supplied (I now have three)
Chris King
I use an electric bike and being disabled wanted to not worry about punctures. After reading about this sealant thought I would give it a go. So far early days its looking really good. Fast delivery too.
fantastic product
A review on your fantastic product. I recommend you list it as a fix for the troublesome Range Rover alloys, which almost always suffer with alloys leaking, I have a P38 Range Rover with leaking rims, I had rim leaks fixed 4 times in one year. Thought I tried this sealer as would not loose much. I put Two bottles in wheel and tuned wheel over top to bottom to coat rim, found 11 points where tyre was leaking. Usually tyre would loose 20psi in three days, this went down to 5 psi in 3 days. After a week I checked it again and it lost no pressure , it's still holding full 40psi and no leaks. 20" rim takes 2 bottles.
Hi,I would like to say thank you for this product we own a mini with no spare wheel and changed from run flat tyres to normal tyres for a better ride.Tyre Magic has taken the worry of punctures out of the equation.We recently drove to somerset some 300mls with no worries thank you Tyre Magic.
Mark from Horsham
Tyre Magic
Potentially 5/5. If I get a puncture I'll refile. Just wanted to add a couple of tips about the application. Make sure you cut the top off exactly where recommended eg just in front of the second mark. You can then thread the cap over the tyre value and the bottle cap cuts its own thread. Use the same bottle cap for all 4 tyres. Make sure you mix the solution well.I learn this by default, on my second tyre a lumpy part of the solution blocked the value. Clear this with a bust from the airline straight into the tyre and allow to deflate again.
Been using for almost 6 month now I am disabled and have had no punctures yet that I know of.
Mike Alexander
Sealed the Hole
I have a nearly new set of tyres on my car, after a few months of driving on them I noticed one of the tyres became under inflated. After reinflating it a few times and finding it wouldn't hold the pressure, I checked the tyre over and a puncture hole in the tread, so I changed the wheel for the spare. I went in search for a puncture repair kit and came across TYRE MAGIC PUNCTURE SEALANT, and thought I'd give it go, bought 1 bottle to see what the result would be. To say the least I am very happy with the result, as the punture hsa been sealed and the tyre has not lost any pressure since putting TYRE MAGIC PUNCTURE SEALANT into my tyre.
Works well
Hi, I bought 4 of these 2 weeks ago for my car. I was cleaning the car yesterday and noticed that it had already worked. You could faintly see where a puncture had occured and had been sealed. Very impressed.
David Roberts
Great Service
Thank you for great service and good communication . Have not yet tried the product but will send comment when I have.
The Undersealer
It Worked
It worked, had nail in tyre, installed-turned wheel downwards-sealed! A ++++++
Peter Wright
Installed a couple of weeks ago and all seems well. Quick delivery, top company.
100% Satisfied
I am NOT prone to recommending any products, but felt compelled to review this. Own a BMW with run flats. Put two new tyres on the car and a week later picked up a nail on the motorway. AAARRRGGGGHHHH! Whipped the tyre off and removed the nail before following the instructions to the letter. Inflated tyre and went for a quick run. Got home and tyre had gone down a little but topped up the air and its now fixed. No loss of pressure at all in three weeks!! Saved me a fortune because many tyre shops won't repair run flats. 4.99 or 185.00? No brainer! Keep some of this in any vehicle you own.
Chris Brwon
Does what it says!
Sealed an already punctured bicycle tyre. Am really pleased - cheaper than "reinforced" tyres!
Bernard T
tyre magic
Very happy with the product,the only downside the valves on my motorbike wheels are small,invest in a little funnel,I used a drinking straw that also worked
Angus porteous
tyre sealant
got eight bottles for two Toyota Yaris cars and sealed eight tyres in an hour ten minutes. not bad for an eighty three year old.
Ian Little
Price great
Just bought 4 for the price of one from main car dealers. Very speedy service next day
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